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We will beginning running our very successful Referee courses in the near future.

Qualifications are for National Referee, National Judge, FEKO Association recognised Referee and FEKO Association recognised Judge. We also have qualifications for Table Officials, who have to understand the Referees signals and the scoring system.

We will be happy to arrange a course in your area for the qualification of your Association members.

Squad members, Coaches and Instructors are invited on all the courses so they may have a greater understanding of the rules.

Many of our referees have  held WKC World and European  qualifications since 1998 and WUKO (now WUKF)  World and European qualifications since 2008. World and European events have been held in Russia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Serbia, Scotland, Romania and Serbia. Many current WUKF Referees were trained through our Refereeing programme.

Obviously representing FEKO at these events is subject to Chief Referee and FEKO Executive support.

To become a Referee, you attend the courses organised by the Chief Referee. These include a detailed study of the current rules and practice sessions on the practical side of refereeing procedures. These are held five times a year at the same time as National Squad training. You must be over 21 and must hold the minimum grade of 1st Dan to qualify as a FEKO referee. You can however take the course and qualify as an Association referee at 18 years. As a 1st Kyu, you may qualify as a provisional Judge/Referee.

Although you will appreciate the competitors views and frustrations better, there is no reason why a non-competitor should not qualify as a referee.

At the end of the course you must pass the theory paper. The courses are also open to coaches and competitors that want a better understanding of the rules as and when they change. FEKO charges £10 for the training and there is a small charge for the examination and the rule book.

At our National Championships Referees receive £75 and Judges £50 and our Table Officials £30.


You must agree to FEKO’s Code of Conduct for Officials.

Referees, Judges and Table Officials REFEREEING COURSES 2024  To be arranged  At The Way Youth Zone School Street Wolverhampton WV3 0NR DENNIS ROBINSON  FEKO Assistant to  Chief Referee WUKF World Referee WILLIAM GRANT FEKO Referee WUKF World Referee A FAROUK YOUNES FEKO Referee WUKF World Chief Referee


We were obviously delighted when another of our Referees, Farouk Younes achieved the rank of WUKF Chief Referee. This was awarded in recognition of Farouk’s commitment to refereeing and his performance at all the tournaments that he has attended.

He is shown below receiving his certificate at one of the many WUKF competitions he has attended representing FEKO.