Federation of English Karate Organisations International A Governing Body for all UK Martial Artists

“Where freedom of choice matters”

There are 3 types of membership for groups throughout the British Isles

All registrations are to FEKO International directly or via FEKO or the FMA

1:  Karate Associations may join:

FEKO International and FEKO

FEKO International is a Federation of Associations. You would therefore need a minimum of a 3rd Dan as a Chief Instructor for membership.  

FEKO International is for registration of karate groups throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland the Channel Islands, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.   Members resident in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are also registered with FEKO as English groups.

Note: Karate groups that also practice other martial arts will also have membership to the FMA for the registration of these members.

2:  Any martial art group (including karate) with 25 plus members may join

The Federation of Martial Arts (FMA)  

The FMA Is for groups/clubs which practice any martial art excluding Karate. The Instructor must be at least 1st Dan or equivalent and be at least 18 years of age. Minimum membership numbers required are 25. The FMA is for registration of groups throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland. You will be required to register or be credited with at least 10 members when first registering.

All fees under 1 & 2 are inclusive of insurance cover for public liability and accidents.

3. For those wishing to keep their own insurance may join FEKO International with the same criteria as for FMA but as

Affiliate Members

The benefits of each are detailed below but for further details contact the Chair Noel Mantock 07976 697117 or email noel@feko.co.uk


A benefit of your FEKO membership is Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance which is arranged through a third party. Cover is operative when in training, competing,r officiating or participating in activities under the auspices of the FEKO including travelling to and from training, competing and officiating.

Personal accident cover is a benefit policy designed to provide financial help if you suffer a serious injury causing permanent disability, or death following an accident.

Public liability cover is designed for those circumstances where you are involved in an incident causing injury or property damage to a third party as a result of your negligence. The insurance will indemnify you in respect of the legal costs of defending the third party claim and/or resulting damages awarded against you up to £10,000,000.

For FEKO members the Instructor Registration form including Professional Indemnity Insurance is accessed on the FEKO forms page.






Group registration

Individual member registration

Group clubs covered for £10m public liability when registered members are training

Individual members covered by accident insurance and public liability cover of £10m

An offer to FEKO registered Association Instructor/Coaches to obtain professional indemnity insurance of £10m

Membership via FEKO International & FMA to World bodies

Dan grade registration & recognition

Registration under FEKO International Child & Venerable Adult Protection Policy

DBS enhanced disclosure service

Access to squad and refereeing training and qualifications (individual registration receipt required)

Possible selection for National and International Championships with FEKO funding. (squad & refereeing) (individual registration receipt required)

Access via FEKO International to European & World bodies’ championships, courses and qualifications

Access to Instructing/Coaching qualifications (individual registration receipt required)

Easy access to advice on karate/martial arts matters

No interference in the running of your own group  e.g. gradings etc

Group name and web URL on FEKO International web site

Groups’ championships/courses advertised on FEKO International web site

Federation Council membership and voting rights for full members