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Instructor/Coaching qualifications

Gary McDonnell is our man for this job. Gary is a qualified and practicing Osteopath and has deep knowledge on the body in action. Gary can go beyond the course details and answer any questions on how techniques and exercises can affect the joints of the body. His courses are popular and always well attended.


It is very important that all Instructors are fully trained for their role. A Black Belt alone does not qualify a person to teach. Children particularly are very vulnerable to joint injuries which may not show up until many years later.


FEKO International have Instructors Coaching qualification which covers all the aspects of running a club and teaching in the Martial Arts. All FEKO International Instructors must be registered under our NSPCC & CPSU endorsed Child Protection Policy and have been DBS checked for disclosure. 4th Dan’s can qualify as Coaching Assessors and conduct qualification courses in their own groups.


If you would like a course in your area contact Noel Mantock for details noel@feko.co.uk or telephone 07976 697117.