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Over 420 competitors, 750 categories entered, and you have the makings of a superb competition. This was the FEKO 2018 All Ages Championships held at Ponds Forge on Sunday 11 February 2018.  It was also the first UWK England ranking event of the 2018 competition season.

The registration process had been streamlined and as a result the competition started very soon after 9am.  A full compliment of Referees and Table Officials meant that all six tatamis could run continually.

As always, the event started with kata and there were some excellent performances across the board with many of the children clearly demonstrating promise for the future.  The largest event was the 10-12 Male Kata category which attracted 43 competitors and was chosen as the challenge event for the President’s Cup sponsored by Endsleigh.

The winner of this event by 0.1 and of course winner of the cup was Joel Eccleston of SSKA England. Incidentally Joel won this event last year and he will of course be the one to beat in this event next year.  No doubt many of the much younger competitors would have been motivated by seeing such superb performances and go back to their dojos with a renewed vigour and enthusiasm, knowing that they could be there in a few years.

Following a short lunch break, the kumite categories began with the children’s kumite. Again, many entries into these categories meant several pools being established but gave everyone, audience, officials and competitors, the opportunity to see the stars of the future.

The event chose for the President’s Cup in kumite was the Female Veteran’s category. It goes without saying that FEKO is proud to report that the first three places went to FEKO competitors. Helen Hibberd who has just moved into the Veteran’s age range enjoyed a thrilling battle with her squad colleague Vanessa Stokes and was the eventual winner.  

Throughout the day, the competition ran smoothly, thanks to the effort of all officials. More importantly it was pleasing to note that there were no serious injuries reported.

The competition ended at approximately 7.30pm.  

Jim Reece

February 2018

Congratulations to the following who represented FEKO at the WUKF World Championship in Dundee June 2018

Helen Hibberd: Veterans 36 - 45 years Shobu Sanbon - Silver medal

Jake Moore: Kata - Gold medal

Shelly Collinson: Veterans  Shobu Sanbon 51 TO 60 years - Silver medal

Stewart Tompkins: Veterans Shobu Sanbon 41 TO 45 years - Bronze Medal

Helen Hibberd, Shelly Collinson, Vanessa Stokes: Veterans Team Rotation 36 years and over - Gold medal

Vanessa Stokes: Veterans 41 - 45 years Shobu Sanbon - Gold medal


Once again our squad and referees supported FEKO at the European Championships with dignity, respect, integrity and the professional we all know that anyone from FEKO possesses.

Many congratulations to the following: