Federation of English Karate Organisations International A Governing Body for all UK Martial Artists

“Where freedom of choice matters”


FEKO International is for registration of karate groups throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland the Channel Islands, the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Karate groups that also practice other martial arts will also have membership to the FMA for the registration of these members.


Members resident in England, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are also registered with FEKO as English groups.

Karate groups that also practice other martial arts will also have membership to the FMA for the registration of these members.


The FMA Is for groups/clubs which practice any martial art excluding Karate. The FMA is for registration of groups throughout the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.


 For those wishing to keep their own insurance may join FEKO International with the same criteria as for FMA but as Affiliate Members.

Welcome to the Federation of English Karate Organisations  (FEKO) International web site.

FEKO is one of the largest groups with 15000 registered members in over 60 Associations.

FEKO’s culture is one of integrity, loyalty, and respect. As a part of this culture, FEKO has always stood up for what we believe is right for our organisation and the martial arts community. We are proud to have provided a strong foundation for many organizations that have now established themselves as associations in their own right.”

FEKO International membership is open to all karate styles in the UK, both traditional and sport. It represents competitive and non competitive members offering a freedom of choice to train and compete freely with other groups.

The Federation of English Karate Organisations is a founder member of United World Karate England and is working closely with the Sport and Recreation Alliance and other major karate organisations to establish a Sport England recognised National Governing Body for karate.

FEKO has also shown its commitment to good governance and has signed up for the voluntary code of good governance for the sport and recreation sector led by the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

FEKO International is in direct membership to the World Union of Karate-Do Federations and one of the first Federations to join this world body. All registrations are to FEKO International directly or via FEKO or the FMA. There are different of membership for groups throughout the United Kingdom. A benefit of your FEKO membership is Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance which is arranged through a third party. Cover is operative when in training, competing, officiating or participating in activities under the auspices of the FEKO.

Application for membership forms can be found on the forms page by following the link above.

Welcome to the Federation of English Karate Organisations and the Federation of Martial Arts

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FEKO is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office

DBS  Disclosure

We offer DBS for disclosure service (formally CRB). Applications are made online and personal documents never leave your possession

For further information contact noel@feko.co.uk

Child & Adult Safety

We have a Safeguarding of Children and Adults at risk Policy which all Instructors and helpers are required to adhere to. This is actioned  by requesting a copy of the Policy which then forwarded to you.

You then sign to say you will adhere to the policy and registration to the CVAP will be entered on the data base. A certificate will be issued with a registration number.

Contact the Chair Noel Mantock, noel@feko.co.uk for further details

For further information click HERE

National Squad

Our National Squad trains regularly and competes in National and International events.  Selection is open to all FEKO members.

We have competed successfully at World and European events. To find out a little more visit our squad page.

National Refereeing

National Refereeing and Judging courses are held at regular intervals and National Qualification courses are held twice a year at our National Championships.

Many of our Referees hold World qualifications and their presence at World and European events is always in demand.